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John and me


Posted on 2006.01.16 at 11:06
Current Mood: boredbored
Kathy and Charles got back a couple weeks ago so Saturday they held a full moon ritual. This is the third ritual I've been to now and this one was the best by far. They did a grounding and energy raising in it this time and that was awesome! I actually started wobbling from all the energy. Good thing we weren't standing because I would have fell over. It was definitely a good experience. After the circle, I talked to Kathy for a long time. We had a great conversation about many things... being married to a non-Pagan, Tarot, Pagan parenting, etc. Now I'm even more sad that I will be leaving them in a few months. They invited John, Aidric, and I to dinner on Wednesday. They said John can ask them any questions he wants about Paganism and wont have to worry about getting into an arguement like he does with me sometimes. I dont know how John feels about that...he tends to shy away from that kind of stuff. The only person he talks to about religion is me. I think it will be a good night though. I'm really excited.

Sorry thoughtskill, I said I was going to post pictures of Aidric and didnt...I've been really forgetful lately. I did post some Yule and X-mas pictures in my scrapbook a while back. I dont know if you saw those. I'll try and get some newer ones up within the next few days.

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