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John and me

How I met and fell in love with my husband...for dragonfligh

Posted on 2006.01.10 at 09:26
We met at MEPS (the place you go to sign up for the military). I was leaving for the Navy (which didnt work out, thank all that is holy) and John was signing up for the Army. We met in the pool at the hotel they put us in for the night. At first he thought I was a lesbian because I had really short hair (I mean really short). He told me later that he told his roommate to "go talk to the lesbian". Heehee. So Ben (his roommate) came over and talked to me. Its funny because at first I thought Ben was hot. Later I found out he was weird. Anyways, we played volleyball in the pool and John just made me laugh. He was a big boy at the time but I didnt care. I thought it was cute that when he got out of the pool I saw his butt crack :) After that we went on a walk with Ben and a friend of mine leaving for the Air Force...John and I ran through some sprinklers and he broke his toe (now our song is Stories by Trapt because it has a line that says "Do you remember running through the sprinklers that night"). We just had a lot of fun. The next day I left for the Navy and I wanted to see John more than I did my parents. I had to get his address. I ended up getting out for medical reasons so I came back home and met John again. This time I saw him I barely recognized him because he lost a ton of weight. We started dating and about a month later we were engaged. We moved very fast to say the least...some of my friends didnt meet him until the wedding 4 months later. He said that he never cared about any of his girlfriends before but he found himself worrying if I got home alright and stuff so he knew. So did his mom...I was the only one of his girlfriends she had liked. As for me, he just made me laugh and we could talk about anything.

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