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John and me

Yule celebration...

Posted on 2005.12.21 at 18:46
This is the first Sabbat I've celebrated with my family. It has been such a wonderful day. We made one of those canned hams (not my idea, thats all the commissary had) which was actually very good, mashed potatoes, brussel sprouts, corn, and pecan pie.

I was so happy to have a tree with presents under it this year. We didnt have one last year. Since we were first moving in we actually had a "fire hydrant" that was a prop in the novelty routine from my junior year with only about 3 presents under it. This year Joni gave us a fake tree and we decorated it with our few ornaments.

We opened all our presents tonight. We were going to save some for Christmas but since we're going down to visit Johns dad we decided we didn't want to have to load them all up to make the 260 mile trip to Willow. Aidric got quite a few toys from us, an outfit, Green Bay Packer socks (which John loved and were from my Viking fan mom surprisingly), and a lullaby CD. I gave John a SOD CD, a Brett Farve book (which he loved), a wireless PS2 controller, and a vibrating lumbar support cushion. He also got a Swiss army knife from my mom and dad. I was soooooo excited about my gifts because for the first time I got Pagan things. John went all out for me this year. He got me candle holders for my altar, a pentacle book bag, a huge pentacle cloth, Kama Sutra pleasure balm (I recommend this to anyone!!), a Kama Sutra sampler kit, silver tapers, and a wolf mist maker. I also got an oil burner from my mom. It is awesome. The oil is called Hot Buns. I've been burning it for about 5 minutes now and the whole house smells already.

Since John is atheist, the only celebration we did together is lighting candles. I am going to be doing my ritual later.

I also, after about 2 1/2 years, finished my 1st degree on witchschool.com. I really only took it because I want to learn as much as possible but now reading more about Correllian Wicca, I find I really like it. I may try to get initiation into their clergy and take it more seriously. I started the 2nd degree. I feel like this is a very big step in my spirituality for some reason. I didn't even care too much about the class before (thats why it took so long to finish) but now that I have I feel very good.


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edwardse at 2005-12-27 17:11 (UTC) (Link)
hee hee, yes I do have a son. His name is Aidric and hes 5 months. I dont think it was hard to miss...I havent posted much about him yet which is weird because hes like the biggest thing in my life. My icon is a picture of him a couple months ago.
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